WAT Goal: 15 Miles? … 5?

In case you were wondering, her original goal expressed to members of the Rotary Club who sponsored her, was 15 miles. She set that because the coolest prize is given to kids who walk that far.

The WAT is an interesting study in family and school psychology. First of all, the pressure is clearly on […]

Booksin “Walk-A-Thon”

… or WAT, for those in the know ….

In preparation for the massive annual school fund-raiser, scheduled for October 9, Jocelyn actually suggested a practice walk through our neighborhood today. So, we decided to walk to lunch on Lincoln Avenue after school, and then walk home. That’s a first leg of 1.5 miles, followed […]

Newborn Baby Shrimp

So, tonight we had shrimp for dinner.

(Don’t worry, this Blog is not turning into a daily dietary recap of our family life. Although it might turn into a vivid discussion of poop for a few months.)

Jocelyn had asked to try shrimp because she saw Sagwa eating it on TV. Unfortunately, we bought small […]

der Wienerschnitzel

Tonight, I treated Jocelyn to a dinner at Wienerschnitzel (which, by the way, was called “der Wienerschnitzel” when I was younger … maybe), America’s largest hot dog chain. It was not our first time there, not even our first time with Felicia. We go often when Mommy is out for her own evening appointments (usually […]

Felicia Sits!

We do not have official parental visual confirmation of the actual activity, but one of the following is true:

1) Felicia can now move from her lying on the floor position into a full, upright seated position all by herself.

2) Her sister helped her (and then denied it), thus preparing herself for a lifetime […]

Crossbow in the news

I get asked all of the time to try to explain what Karen does for a living.Since I’m not very good at describing her daily duties, I’ll let today’s SanJose Mercury News at least explain one of the products her company makes.She works for Crossbow, which is mentioned in the Smart Dust article. ….


Green Dragons

We took another loss today, 2-1. Suddenly we have an offensive scoring problem, and no idea how to fix it. We’re demon shooters in practice (versus our own teammates), but we get all timid when faced with the prospect of kicking the ball against a member of the other team. For the moment, I’ll chalk […]

Shades of Yellow

Apparently, teeth are yellow. Not white.

We were discussing tongue and teeth colors around the dinner table, and Jocelyn said that teeth are definitely yellow. Karen mentioned that teeth are usually white, and got what she deserved: “Your teeth are yellow, Mommy.”

Yummy Toes at Six Months

Whose toes tasted better … Jocelyn’s in May 1999 or Felicia’s in July 2004? Either way, babies’ toes seem to taste their best after at least six months of aging.

The original sister comparison page may still be available at this link: Sisters […]