Halloween in Strawberry Land

Happy Halloween!

Strawberry Shortcake and her little sister Apple Dumpling had a very nice Halloween. Apple and Daddy handed out candy at home while Strawberry and Mommy joined the Fuell Family for an extended neighborhood walk.

Earlier, Apple made the local rounds in her mommy’s arms, and then tried to take a nap. […]


Jocelyn is walking around with a tootsie pop raised in the air. “I’m the Statue of Liberty.” “I’m the Statue of Liberty.” “Hmmm, I’m just Liberty, becasue I’m alive.”

It made me smile so I thought I’d share.

When Is a loss a Tie?

When Jocelyn says so. The Green Dragons played in Santa Clara today. Technically, they lost 2-1, but Jocelyn insists it was a tie. OK. I wouldn’t mind forgetting the other team’s first goal, either, which scored by a cherry picking forward from the other team. No offisides rule in U8, so the goal stands! Maybe […]

Website: new photos

I’ve put a few new pictures on the website … On average, there is about one new picture on each page, including a new picture of the Keller Sisters, a new Green Dragons team photo, and a professional portrait on Jocelyn’s Page. Take a look, and happy hunting. If we’re all lucky, a more thorough […]

Modesty Might Finally Prevail

As milestones go, it’s not a major change, but it seems that Jocelyn is developing some modesty. By modesty, I mean she no longer runs naked through the house where I might see her, and she hides herself from me if she’s not fully-clothed. I approve of this modesty, of course. But it probably means […]

Team America: World Police

I also went to the movies in Vegas, watching “Team America: World Police,” an absolutely hysterical movie from start to finish. Nothing is sacred and everything is ridiculed and lampooned, in the crudest, most offensive way possible. Karen would have had an extreme physical reaction to the film, so seeing it on my own was […]

David’s Take on Las Vegas

Our trip to Las Vegas has ended. It was nice, but we really missed our girls.

My own personal LV experience has repeated itself for the third time. I always find the town to be an inspiring amalgam of American culture, until I’ve been there 36 hours, and then it’s a stunning critique of capitalist […]

Guest Blogger: Grandee

Karen and David are being forced against their will to go to Las Vegas for a few days, without the girls. Gasp! Grandee and GrandPa have stepped in as “new and improved parents” in San Jose for a few days, shuttling Jocelyn to school and showing off Felicia. So, the updates come from the perspective […]

The end

Today was our last day with Jocelyn & Felicia. Jocelyn was gone most of the day. School in the AM and a play date and dancing class in the afternoon. Grandpa and I spent our day playing on the floor with Felicia and quickly cleaning up during naps. We worked hard on the crawling, but […]