Jumping in Leaves

It’s the annual tradition of jumping in the falling leaves of our Ginko tree, which loses all of its leaves in about 7 days, start to finish. It’s currently snowing Ginko in our front yard, and Kiana has come over to celebrate!

A significant emotional event!

The visit is over, but the memories are there and I will enjoy them for a long time. Watching my four grandchildren interact was an incredible experience. They helped each other on the computer, they used their imaginations to build “things” with tinker toys, they built the inevitable tent, and they each had at least […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re spending the day in Roseville at Grandee & Grandpa’s house, along with Uncle Geoff, Aunt Dena, Camden and Brayden. Fletcher friends Anne & HD are joining us for dinner later today.

At the moment, the three older cousins are playing with some early Christmas presents from Grandee …. Legos! Never one to let the […]

Felicia’s Head: 75%tile

She’s nine months old (OK, a few days short of 10), and we had her third quarter doctor’s appointment today. Essentially, she’s completely normal, and very healthy. Her scary start to life is but a distant memory.

Other Stats: 21 pounds (75%tile); 28 inches tall (50%tile); constantly smiling.

We did get a doctor-recommended flu […]

80 Tons Gallon

A quick story …..

Yesterday, after she said something really intelligent, I asked Jocelyn how smart she was? She replied: “Eighty tons gallon smart!” So, there you go ….

Green Dragon Team Unity

The season ended with the traditional season-ending tournament this weekend, hosted in Santa Clara. We played one gme each day in our flight, and only allowed one goal all weekend! Unfortunately, we didn’t score any, so we finished 0-1-1 for the tournament. Then we celebrated with a great pizza party.

Thanks to the entire […]

Identity Theft?

Jocelyn is very good with computers, thanks to her own interests and as a result of the addictions of her grandmother. Earlier this week, after watching me log-on to our adult computer, she asked me for my password. I explained why people don’t share passwords (… especially with precocious 6-year-olds, I thought to myself).

Today, […]

Toys for Tots

Jocelyn *really* enjoyed her birthday this year. In fact she was quite into *getting* gifts this year. It had me a little unsure about how to proceed with Christmas and how to get the focus adjusted a bit.

Anyway, we headed off to Toys R Us on the day after her birthdaya party to exchange […]

I Spy a Clever Six-Year-Old

Alright, I admit it. I’m 36 … she’s six … and Jocelyn beats me regularly when we play “Concentration” style card games. Her current favorite is the “I Spy Memory Game” with cleverly designed matching pairs that are the same, but different. Trust me, she’s good. You might want to practice, just in case she […]