Snowboarding Monopoly

It’s dumping snow in the Sierras, but we can’t go up right now …. so instead, Jocelyn and I have opened up the Monopoly Snowboarding Edition, which was a Christmas Gift to me from Aunt Jenni. Ever since we gave Papa “Monopoly Jr.” for his birthday, Jocelyn’s been really eager to play ‘real’ Monopoly.

Let […]

New Year’s Eve

Jocelyn’s take on our calendar: “Tomorrow, at the end of the day, the Earth will be back where it started when God was born.”

Playing With Gravity

Felicia continues to explore her world. A few years ago, Uncle Timmy made a marble roll toy for Jocelyn to play with. It’s an uneven ladder that allows several marbles to cascade down each wrung until they gather at the bottom; it makes a lot of noise and generates a lot of fun.

Today, Felicia […]

Christmas 04

Great having the whole family here this week!

I Saw Three Ships

Another of our beautiful Christmas traditions continued this year, with the gift to Mommy of a “Christmas Carol” from Jocelyn, Felicia, and Daddy. This year, we gave Mommy “I Saw Three Ships,” (Lyrics) including a wooden sailboat puzzle, a 500-piece picture puzzle of a harbor, and a sailboat painted by Jocelyn. The tradition also includes […]

Felicia’s First Christmas

As our family celebrates the holidays together, we also remember that this is Felicia’s first Christmas. At two months old, Jocelyn fit into her stocking in 1998. At eleven months, Felicia isn’t quite as petite … but we celebrate the miracle of her arrival with equal joy.

Merry Christmas from the Martin-Keller Foursome! […]

Dear Santa

“Dear Santa — I would like to have Horse Stuff. Love, Jocelyn.”

From the pens of babes. Look closely. And bite your tongue.

Learning to Tell Time

The motivating forces in a six-year-old’s life are fun to watch.

Learning to tell time is not easy. (Everything dividing into 12 hours, sixty minutes? Are you kidding?) For most kids, it can take a few years to master the fine details of minutes ’til and quarters past. Jocelyn can accurately tell time already — […]

Hello, Santa

Stop the Presses! Not only did Jocelyn agree to sit with Santa this year, but she also allowed pictures with a smile and her sister. This was taken at the City of San Jose’s Christmas in the Park event, celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. We were there with Kate & Ted Fuell, and […]