Crazy Christmas Weekend

Wow … What a weekend! It all started Saturday with Jocelyn and Mommy shopping at the Stanford Craft Faire in Palo Alto, followed by an exciting visit to the Christmas Creche Exhibit. Then, we went to get our Christmas Tree.

Then on Sunday, we started out at San Jose’s Holiday Parade (WebsiteSJMN), where we braved nearly freezing sunshine to watch one of the coolest parades in the country. It’s become a nice family tradition.

After the Parade, Jocelyn joined a birthday party for classmate Rudy. We put up our Christmas trees — one inside and one outside — and our Christmas lights. Then, David went to volunteer at the Rotary food booth for the City of Campbell’s “Carol of Lights” celebration. Kiana, Jenni, and Ange joined Mommy, Jocelyn, and Felicia to visit Daddy and enjoy some hot dogs at the street party.