A Highlight of the Season

On Saturday, 12/4/04, Jocelyn and I (Karen) went to the Christmas Creche exhibit in Palo Alto. This was our first visit ever, and we were both enthralled. There were over 500 creches on display (chosen from 1500 applicants). The exhibit is presented every year and all creches are on loan from members of the community. What a wonderful way for all ages to focus in on what is truly important and beautiful about this season.

Jocelyn loved the children’s room where they had marionettes of all of the characters and dress-up clothes as well. She was an angel and I was Mary. Then she was a shepard and I was a lamb. Then I was Joseph and she was a king. And so on and so on.

When I told her we only had a few minutes left, though, she wanted to get back to the beautiful displays of creches from around the world. One of Jocelyn’s favorites was a sculpture of Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus made from legos. The sculpture was about 30 inches tall and was made from 1000s of legos. My favorite creche was also of just Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus. This one was made of wood and depicted the family curled up together fast asllep from the exhaustion of the day. All were lying down in such a beautiful and human fashion, it brings tears to my eyes each time I tell folks about it.

I look forward to sharing this treat of the season with more folks next year.