I Saw Three Ships

Another of our beautiful Christmas traditions continued this year, with the gift to Mommy of a “Christmas Carol” from Jocelyn, Felicia, and Daddy. This year, we gave Mommy “I Saw Three Ships,” (Lyrics) including a wooden sailboat puzzle, a 500-piece picture puzzle of a harbor, and a sailboat painted by Jocelyn. The tradition also includes a commemorative ornament, which this year had three small sailboats and a picture of the “Daytime Trio”: Daddy, Jocelyn, and Felicia.

The tradition started two years ago, with serendipitous inspiration in our local dollar store. Jocelyn pieced together her own version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” complete with the ornament of a “Sweetie Goose in a Pear Tree.” Last year, Jingle Bells adorned a one-horse open sleigh.