The First Year in Books

For Felicia’s first birthday, I decided to give her two books that express a recurring theme of her first year (much like my annual birthday gift of a Stuffed Animal Plush Doll for Jocelyn).

What Daddies Do Best is self-explanatory, especially since her daddy is the luckiest stay-at-home-dad in the world. Baby Animal […]


Zoboomafu is the new Sagwa.

After watching every episode of Sagwa (twice), Jocelyn has switched her TV viewing preferences. She now watches Zoboomafu, a PBS program featuring a lemur named Zoboomafu, who hosts his own show using live-action, puppetry and animation. Jocelyn’s been learning a lot about the animal kingdom, too.


The Middle Sister

Jocelyn and I were in the other room playing a game. She assigned the role of older sister to the frog and the rabbit, the role of younger sister to the geofrog and mama bear, and the role of the middle sister to herself. Being a middle sister, I was curious so I asked her […]

Master Track Builder meets Breakdown Engineer

Thomas The Tank Engine has been part of our household since Jocelyn was very little. Jocelyn has spent lots of hours running Thomas, James, Lady, Percy, Clarabelle, and others around and around the track. Grandpa has always been the Master Track Builder as he used to be the only one who could get all the […]

My Face Is Always Naked

I’ve mentioned earlier that Jocelyn has developed some modesty when it comes to running around the house naked. She still runs; I just can’t look. Anyway, earlier this evening I thought I saw a naked six-year-old out of the corner of my eye ….. she yelled, “It’s OK, Daddy, I’m hiding.”

Then added, “It’s OK […]

Felicia’s ABCs

Courtesy of Grandee & Grandpa — and in celebration of Felicia’s First Birthday — there is now an official version of ABC’s for Felicia to learn. If you want to help her learn, study up: ABC Photo Album.

Her ABC’s include pictures and letters for each relative and a few other fun things in […]

National Acrobats of Taiwan

Jocelyn and I had a wonderful time on Sunday night attending an amazing performance of acrobats from Taiwan. The ancient art of Chinese acrobatics included drummers, contortionists, jugglers (with both hands and feet), at least ten people balancing on 1 bicycle, and many other wonders. When we talked about it afterward, Jocelyn and I had […]

Great Birthday Party

We celebrated Felicia’s birthday a few days early, hosting a lunch soiree for family and a few friends. Felicia was feted with some nice presents, including toys and clothing. She’s enjoying all of the gifts (and, Jocelyn has really enjoyed playing with most of them, too). We shouldn’t need any new toys for quite a […]

Birthday Cake

Felicia’s cake was specially prepared by Jocelyn and Mommy ….