Sierra Snowboarding

Wow ….. she’s learning to snowboard really well!

Jocelyn and I had our “Dad & Daughter” day for February yesterday with an outing to Sierra-at-Tahoe. We left Grandee, Grandpa, and Felicia in Roseville for the day, and drive up Highway 50 … after first stopping at Krispy Kreme for breakfast.

Now that Jocelyn has […]

Movie Night: Lion King II

During our “Winter Break & Ski Week” (a full week off from school), Jocelyn invited several friends over for a Movie Night, featuring Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. Kyra, Kendal, Giuliana, Olivia, and Beatriz all enjoyed the movie, along with some popcorn and oatmeal cookies (Jocelyn’s new favorite).

Soon, These Will Be Capris

We don’t have scientific proof, but everyone we’ve seen recently thinks Jocelyn is definitely in the middle of a growth spurt. Her clothes seem to agree, although she is sad to grow out of some of her favorites. Today, she’s wearing a colorful ensemble that was a gift from Nana & Papa.

The outift […]

Secret Garden in Full Bloom

Music is a streaky thing in the Martin-Keller household. Jocelyn’s musical taste is very palatable, but it sometimes gets a little stale. Sometimes we listen to the same CD over-and-over again several days in a row.

This is easily Day 15 of “The Secret Garden” Original Broadway Cast soundtrack. Mary’s garden has bloomed many times […]

Happy St. Valentine’s Day

Our beautiful valentines sat for these portaits last week …. it was a surprise for Mommy! Don’t worry, official sets will be on their way to relatives soon ….

Chairs Are Made for Walking

Someday, Felicia will sit peacefully in a chair for more than a few seconds. Until then, chairs have no purpose …. except for helping her walk. Big chairs, little chairs, rolling chairs, rocking chairs, high chairs …. it doesn’t matter. She pushes them all around the house while walking behind them. We have some fancy […]

Keller One-Year-Olds

Give a One-Year-Old her own birthday cake, and guess how messy she can get? We’ve got two answers! Far left: Felicia at One, compared to Jocelyn at One, in November 1999.

For those of you keeping score at home, Felicia is now 23 pounds and 29.5 inches long.

More about Felicia’s First Birthday […]

First Word: ‘Da-Da’

They say history is written by the winners, and since I’m the one doing most of the blogging … I’ll also do some bragging: Felicia has uttered her first intelligible English word.

She clearly and consistently says “Da-Da” when seeing me or looking for me, irrefutably establishing those two syllables as her official first word. […]

Allergic to Milk

It appears to be official. One child won’t drink milk, and the other can’t. After a week of testing (following nearly a year of our “allergy hold”) Felicia’s allergy to milk has reappeared, which probably means it’s here to stay. Perhaps it is another shocking blow to her Wisconsin heritage.