Spring Swim Lessons

We started our Spring Swim Lessons this week, Felicia (with Daddy) on Tuesday morning and Jocelyn on Thursday afternoon.

Felicia wasn’t as excited as I expected. She was reluctant amidst the commotion and noise of the big pool at AVAC. Eventually, she relaxed enough to stretch out her feet, almost enough to kick. She […]

First Time Walking

Felicia was practicing walking holding one hand when she let go of Mommy’s hand and started walking on her own. And Felicia walked to Daddy. She walked about 10 steps. After she got to Daddy she gave him a big hug. Jocelyn piled right on! After that she walked from person to person about 8 […]

‘She’s Good on the Stairs, Bad on Chairs’

Jocelyn has put together an easy rhyme to clarify Felicia’s strengths and weaknesses. She’s a good climber, which means she is great on stairs. But she also climbs and stand on chairs, which isn’t so good. She also rocks them back-and-forth, even though they are not officially “rocking chairs.”

Happy Easter from California!

Jocelyn, Felicia, and Kiana (and the rest of the Martins & Martin-Kellers!) wish everyone a happy Easter! The three cousins shared in an egg hunt at Nana & Papa’s Saratoga House on Easter Sunday.

‘She Smells Like Pumbaa’

Pumbaa, of course, is the loveable (but apparently stinky) warthog in the Lion King, our perennial favorite movie. ‘She’ is Felicia (or more accurately, Felicia with a poopy diaper).

Actually, the really interesting thing about this quote from Jocelyn is that I’m pretty sure that she has no idea how Pumbaa really smells (or for […]


Our official “California Girl” seems to be embracing her home state. Her enjoyment of avocado is well-known, and she’s also developed quite an asparagus habit. Prepare some fresh asparagus, steamed and sliced into small pieces, and Felicia will clamor for it until it’s gone.

Scooting in the Rain

So much for our early spring weather, and Scooting in the Sun. Winter returned in the form of rain all this week. We were not deterred, however. The scooting must go on! As we tell Jocelyn everytime we go snowboarding in a blizzard, it’s all about the equipment.

So, Jocelyn rode her scooter through […]

Creative Artist

Jocelyn designed my Easter desktop picture (wallpaper to you Wintel folks). She took a copy home to install on the computer at home. Feel free to download and put it on your computer.

Up Pops Felicia!

All around the family room, Grandpa chases Felicia. Then she goes behind the couch and Up Pops Felicia!!

Felicia and Jocelyn spent some time with us this weekend. Felicia loves to climb and loves to play on the grandchildren’s computer. It is positioned behind the couch and she knows every route to get there. There […]