Heart Waffles

“I love heart waffles because my mommy makes them so tasty.”

The mythology of the Martin-Keller Family Heart Waffles continues to grow. We eat them almost every weekend, and now they have become the topic of a homework assignment in Jocelyn’s Kindergarten class. She’s been practicing her sentence as part of a spelling test […]

Happy Birthday, Grandee!

Here we go again … a happy birthday for Grandee! We hope Grandee & Grandpa have been enjoying their April, with a little peace and quiet.

Felicia’s Walking!

It’s official! You can call it a waddle … she still prefers to crawl for speed … she steers slightly to the right … and her range is perhaps 20 feet. But, Felicia can walk! Sometimes she even chooses to do it by herself when no one is looking.

Update: Felicia began to walk […]

I am Finished With This Bib

Grandee will tell you that when you do not intend to eat anymore of your dinner, then you are finished, not done. “Cakes are done. People are finished.” is the line from Jocelyn’s early years.

She doesn’t talk yet … but if you ask Felicia if she is finished, she will remove her bib (and […]

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Karen celebrates another birthday today …. From the family, she’s getting some specially-decorated pencil sharpeners (one from each girl), and a new cell phone! Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Tag, You’re It!

It’s all the rage in Kindergarten, of course, and now Jocelyn is really into playing tag. It helped that it was a big feature of our recent week in Tahoe.

Earlier tonight, she managed to get the entire local Martin family into a game (including Nana & Papa) on the front lawn in Saratoga.


The End of Winter in Tahoe

We spent the last week of winter (personally defined as the week before Northstar closes), in South Lake Tahoe with the Maguire Family. Big David and Joe Maguire became friends while both families were at St. Elizabeth’s Day Home.

We stayed at the Marriott Grand Residence Club (a condo we “won” at the SEDH […]

Felicia Amelloides

I don’t know how to pronounce it; it’s Latin.

Felicia Amelloides is the botanical name for a flowering evergreen shrub commonly known as the “Blue Marguerite.” We’ve been told that “generous masses of vivid blue flowers cover plant from late spring through summer, ideal for borders, accent or containers.”

I don’t know how they […]

Listener Nos. 139, 259, 260

Perhaps you’ve read about Live 105‘s “Rewind @ Noon” radio program. Jocelyn pretends to hate the show, but I think that deep down inside she really likes it.

Anyway, Felicia, Jocelyn and I all have our official “Listener Numbers” for the show. It’s kind of a running gag between the DJs, but let’s just say […]