Whew, what a full holiday weekend!

We didn’t even go anywhere, but it sure felt full of fun things!

Dinner with the Abe family Friday night Lots of Bike-riding Swimming with both girls at AVAC Jocelyn jumping out her window to practice our fire safety plan Hula Hooping with our neighbors, the Fischers Research for a school presentation on Chinchillas […]

Q..Q..QQQ..QW (Quiet Wheels!)

Jocelyn has always been quite cautious with physical challenges, and bike riding has been no exception. So, at the age of 6 1/2 she has continued on training wheels. Last week as Jocelyn rode to the park (while I half jogged half walked behind her), I got the inspiration to suggest to her that quiet […]

It’s Almost Like a Tiger Scratch

For the umpteenth time, we have damaged our child.

Tonight, after a few weeks of preparation, we practiced getting out of the house. When her Girl Scout Daisy Troop visited our local fire station, Jocelyn learned that it is a good idea to have an emergency plan that includes two exit routes and an outside […]

Favorite Bedtime Book

Felicia has discovered books. Well, they’ve always been kind of tasty, but now she’s really enjoying the pictures and words. She can point to different pictures (not on cue just yet), and she already has developed a favorite book.

It’s “Maisy’s Bedtime” by Lucy Cousins. It is obviously her favorite book, and it clearly […]

Cold Blooded or Warm Blooded

It may be time to start a category just to describe how different two siblings can be …

We spent most of the winter months trying to get Jocelyn to dress more warmly. “Are you sure you don’t want to put on a coat?” we’d ask. “Let’s wear some warm tights under that skirt,” we’d […]

A Family Photo!

It’s a rare occurrance, but Grandee captured it … It’s the entire Martin-Keller Family actually standing still within the viewfinder of a camera! This was taken recently at Grandee & Grandpa’s house in Roseville

Happy Birthday, Kiana!

Happy birthday to Jocelyn and Felicia’s cousin, Kiana …. turning three today! Her birthday party has become an annual beach party, traditionally at Natural Bridges State Beach, celebrating her own personal “summer ocean.”

What is this? Seattle?

OK, enough is enough. As I have said many times about our time in Seattle, “I could handle the rain when it was winter and it meant more snow in the mountains. But when it was still raining in May and then June, it got to be a bit much.”

It’s officially a bit much. […]

Happy Birthday, Uncle Geoff!

He’s 35 now, just a year younger than I am!