What is this? Seattle?

OK, enough is enough. As I have said many times about our time in Seattle, “I could handle the rain when it was winter and it meant more snow in the mountains. But when it was still raining in May and then June, it got to be a bit much.”

It’s officially a bit much. This morning, Jocelyn came dancing into our bedroom holding this morning’s local news section in her hand. On the back page is the weather forecast, which she now checks religiously. She was truly in heaven. It’s been a pretty wet Spring here, but the five-day forecast (including today’s) was for nothing but sun and pleasant temperatures in the high 70’s. Not a chance of rain projected.

“April Showers are done! It’s time for May flowers!” she happily proclaimed. She was truly ecstatic.

Long story short: It’s been raining all morning. Seriously. Poor kid.