Cold Blooded or Warm Blooded

It may be time to start a category just to describe how different two siblings can be …

We spent most of the winter months trying to get Jocelyn to dress more warmly. “Are you sure you don’t want to put on a coat?” we’d ask. “Let’s wear some warm tights under that skirt,” we’d command. “Aren’t you cold?” we’d wonder aloud. Actually, we’d say these things on a daily basis.

Well, a strange thing has happened. It’s almost summer (finally), and it’s really warming up outside. There is no need for Jocelyn to put on a coat.

So, of course, Felicia wants to wear one of her coats … all of the time. One of her favorite things to do when we’re home is to wonder into her room and pull her sweaters and jackets down from the rack on her wall. She’ll grab one, and insist (in her own unique way) that we help her put it on. Yesterday it was 85F outside; she was wearing a nice purple fleece. Last week, she insisted on putting two different sweaters on at the same time. Go figure.