It’s Almost Like a Tiger Scratch

For the umpteenth time, we have damaged our child.

Tonight, after a few weeks of preparation, we practiced getting out of the house. When her Girl Scout Daisy Troop visited our local fire station, Jocelyn learned that it is a good idea to have an emergency plan that includes two exit routes and an outside rendezvous point – and it’s important to practice.

So, after much discussion, Jocelyn psyched herself up for a practice climb out her bedroom window. After Felicia was asleep, we showed Jocelyn how to open a locked window and remove the screen. She climbed onto the window sill, carefully spun around to slide down the outside wall on her belly … and banged her arm on the metal frame as she fell straight down. The bruise on her left arm is a doozy.

But, all’s well that ends well. After a lot of tears and some anger over the process, Jocelyn decided that a little bruise was better than third degree burns. She even laughed about it afterwards, and declared that the bruise is “almost like a tiger scratch” … which apparently is a good thing :-).