Q..Q..QQQ..QW (Quiet Wheels!)

Jocelyn has always been quite cautious with physical challenges, and bike riding has been no exception. So, at the age of 6 1/2 she has continued on training wheels. Last week as Jocelyn rode to the park (while I half jogged half walked behind her), I got the inspiration to suggest to her that quiet wheels were what we were looking for. The training wheel make quite a racket when they are rolling on the ground, and so we started listening for times when we couldn’t hear the noise of the training wheels. Anyway, as often happens with us, it turned into a song, or really a chant, for QW or “quiet wheels.”

On Saturday, Jocelyn asked to ride to the nearby school to practice on her bike. This desire was somewhat new. Ususally I have had to really sell the bike over the scooter. But, Jocelyn has been talking about how fun it would be to ride bikes this summer with her good friend and neighbor Giuliana. So, we headed out for Galarza Saturday afternoon. Well, we had a really fun time, and David had to call us at 5:55 to say “When are you coming home for dinner.” So, the next day we left a little earlier. This time, she asked me to raise the training wheels up to their highest level. This QW thing was really working. Three blocks from home, she asked me to remove the training wheels altogether (we have been carrying a wrench with us for the last couple of trips). But, being the cautious mom I am, and knowing that dinner was again almost on the table, I promised we’d do it the next day.

So, on Monday (Memorial Day, so I was home), we actually headed out a little before noon. David and Felicia met us at the nearby school so they could watch, and Jocelyn got in a little more practive on the way. David set up the video camera, and we removed the training wheels. And, wala! It was almost anticlimactic. There was no fear on her face – concentration, but no fear. I held the bike while she got on, and she took off. I ran with her, but she really required very little of the typical seat holding. Once we got back onto sidewalks it was a little tougher, but she is doing really great! And, she continues to be really excited about the whole thing.