Blogging Up a Storm?

The article starts out innocently enough …

David Keller is on a crusade to “promote conversation” in his Willow Glen neighborhood.

In April of this year, Keller, who has lived in Willow Glen for five years, set up a web log or “blog” so fellow residents can swap news, views and stories. Keller says the […]

Say My Name, B!+@#

Uh oh, Daddy’s in trouble.

Jocelyn and I have bonded over the Rewind @ Noon radio show, Live 105’s lunchtime retro music program. But, perhaps we’ve bonded a little too much.

One of the games on the show pits three contestants against each other to guess the name of an artist/band, based on clues the […]

“Why Uncle David No Clothes?”

The Martin-Keller Family test-drove the idea of a third child this morning, including Kiana Martin in our daily ritual before taking her to childcare. Aunt Jenni had a morning meeting, so Kiana had a sleepover in Jocelyn’s room.

When we have time in the morning, our family enjoys a few moments together in our bed […]

Jocelyn got the weather gene

Many of you know that Papa has a bit of an obsession with the weather. He checks the weather daily in at least 3 US cities, and possibly more. Well, it is official–Jocelyn has the weather gene from the Martin family. It started appearing this year on Saturday mornings. As David and I read the […]

Happy Birthday, Aunt Jenni

It’s another Martin-Keller extended family birthday! This time, Aunt Jenni celebrates her own personal May Day. We had a nice brunch this morning at Il Fornaio (at the Hyatt St. Claire in downtown San Jose). We love the french toast with marscapone!

Among other nice gifts (and eightneen suitcases :-)), Jenni also got a new […]

The Full Body Nod

Felicia is at a delightful stage right now, full of energy and wiggliness. Without the use of words, she’s finding other fun ways to communicate her feelings and desires. At the moment, if she wants something, she employs a not-too-subtle grunting that passes for “please,” although not necessarily a polite one.

When we are smart […]