New Bedtime Book

Wave Hello to Thomas! No, really, “Wave Hello to Thomas!” … it’s Felicia’s new favorite book, replacing Maisy’s Bedtime in her required bedtime ritual. We read it three times tonight; no other book was allowed.

It’s a “Lift-and-Peek-a-Board Book” and it’s our first foray into the Tank Engine (which was one of Jocelyn’s favorite characters, […]

License Plate: “PONYPAL”

Jocelyn is ready for her California vanity license plate. Thanks to good friend Kaitlyn (Happy Birthday today!) for introducing us to this beginner reading series of books.

“When I’m older and can drive, I know what I will put on my license plate: PONYPAL! I love the books and it’s seven letters.”

Uncles’ Day

It’s not quite Mother’s Day, but we’ll take what we can get.

The Martin-Keller Daytime Trio teamed up with cousin Kiana and Uncle Timmy today for a trip to Bonfante Gardens! The five of us celebrated “Uncles’ Day” with Bonfante’s amusement rides, playgrounds, and new water park. Both Jocelyn and Kiana enjoyed the […]

Hiawatha to Chicago

Karen and I are in Chicago for the annual convention for Rotary International (also the official celebration of Rotary’s 100th Anniversary). The girls are in Milwaukee and Nana & Papa.

On Saturday, Jocelyn and I hopped on the train (Amtrak’s Hiawatha Service) to Chicago for a day-long adventure in The Windy City. Our train left […]

Not Out of Kindergarten Yet?

Jocelyn insists that she is still a Kindergartner.

We have yet to agree on the exact date, but she says that we shouldn’t call her a “First Grader” until we’ve reached the half-way point of the summer. With Kindergarten classes ending on June 15 and First Grade classes starting in the Fall on August […]

A Really Full Summer

“Summer is for sleeping late, and doing just a little bit of work” – Jocelyn (June 15, 2005)

This summer, we’re flying to Milwaukee (twice!) and Chicago, driving to Oregon for the Fourth of July, and Karen’s heading to China for business in mid-July. Somewhere in between our trips, we’ll undoubtedly visit Bonfante […]

Kindergarten is Over. Now the hard part?

OK. That was easy. Kindergarten officially ends on Wednesday, June 15, at 11:20 am (an early dismissal).

Before the memories fade too far into the past, I have prepared a recap of posts related to our Kindergarten experience.

The Girls chased the boys in “Kiss Tag” in September. Felicia tried to eat Jocelyn’s Homework in […]

15 Month Check-Up

Although technically 16.7 months, Felicia had her 15-month check-up with her pediatrician today. For the statistically inclined, she weighs 24 lbs 13 oz, and is 30.5 inches long (tall?). Both figures are entirely average, and she’s been growing at an even pace.

She hasn’t really mastered any words yet, but she is very rumbunctious and […]

It’s Hot … Blow On It

Felicia definitely understands that some food can be hot, but she hasn’t yet registered that patience can save a few tears. We’ve taught her that things are hot, and you can blow on them to cool them down. She understands that much … here’s how we know:

Since she hasn’t learned to verbalize any words […]