Rock & Roll Ernie Returns

Like sister … like sister?

One of Jocelyn’s first new toys when we moved into our Willow Glen house was a “Rock & Roll Ernie” singing Sesame Street toy. GrandPaPa and GrandMaMa gave it to us. It’s got a small orange button that starts Ernie singing one of two classic Rock & Roll songs: ‘Splish Splash’ and ‘Rock Around the Clock.”

Just as it was for her sister, the orange button has become irrestible to Felicia as well. Over and over again, she’ll push the button and dance (usually playing the music when the radio is on or Jocelyn is trying to listen to something else). It’s great fun to watch her dance, and it’s neat to see a toy return to the favored status. I think it may still be running on its original battery, too!