San Jose Grand Prix

Jocelyn and I celebrated July by visiting the San Jose Grand Prix for our monthly father-daughter excursion on Friday. We dropped Felicia at Aunt Jenni’s house and caught the bus to downtown San Jose.

This was a Champ Car World Series road race around the streets of downtown, so it was very interesting […]

Now She’s a First-Grader

For those of you counting the days until summer ends and school starts, we’ve got an update:

Jocelyn is now – officially – a First Grader.

She has previously denied the promotion, insisting she was still a kindergartner until half-way through the summer. Whether or not you agree with her calendarical proclamation, the interesting part […]

She’s Back!

Karen cleared customs at SFO at about 10:00 today, and we were almost there to greet her. Hugs were passed around a few minutes later, and we are all glad to have our Mommy back! Felicia still remembers her Mommy, and Jocelyn was very happy, too.

We managed to avoid a major international incident, […]

Business Trip to China

The Daytime Trio is now the “24/7/11 Trio” until July 27. That’s eleven days without Mommy, who is traveling to China and Japan to train new employees and subsidiaries for Crossbow. We drove her to the International Terminal at SFO today.

Got any activity ideas for us? Let us know! The following posts represent our […]

The last full day in China brought out the sun.

I saw the Beijing sun for the first time today (on my last day here). The rain of yesterday cleared out the skies and so it was a great day for a visit to the Summer Palace. This is a huge park like setting with trails through beautiful gardens, a palace on a hill, and […]

She’s Attached to Taggie

I think it’s official. The search for an official transitional item has ended, and Taggie is the winner. Her attachment has grown stronger in the last few weeks, possibly heightened by Mommy’s absence.

The Proof: Today, we inadvertantly left the house on an errand without Taggie. We had the pacifier, which was just barely […]

From China … More unique treats

On Friday evening, Mei took me to the famous Lao She Tea House for the Bejing Opera. We enjoyed several treats while watching a type of variety show including fance, traditional music, humor, and magic. We had perfect seats right up front in the center.

On Saturday Mei and Wesley took me to the […]

From China … What a setting!

On Thursday Zhong Lei took me shopping and then we joined Maria, Min, Hada, and Xia for dinner at Back Sea. Back Sea is a small man-made lake in the middle of old Beijing (we walked around it on Monday). The restaurant was unique-our table was a small boat. We floated about and when we […]

Somber Return

I guess not every post is a happy one.

We returned home early from our trip to Roseville because Grandpa received word that his mother (“Granny” is holding Jocelyn in this picture from 1999) has a life-threatening aortic aneurism. Grandee & Grandpa left for Utah to be by her side.

We were able to […]