Douglas County Speedway

We got into the Fourth of July mood with some old-fashioned racing in Roseburg today, followed by an impressive fireworks display. Jocelyn, Camden, Brayden, Aunt Dena, Uncle Geoff, and GrandPaPa all went to the Douglas County Speedway for a set of three races: Outlaw Late Models (30 laps), Sprint Cars (30 lap main event), and Street Stock Cars (the inaugural Douglas Cup 100 lap feature).

The kids had a great time counting laps and tracking the racers. Jocelyn followed a lot of the racing, and was especially keen on the leaders passing and lapping other cars. We saw a little bit of everything, including a mild crash, some occasional bumping, and actual fireworks (set-off by hand, not by computer), which were much better than everyone expected them to be.