Recess is the highlight

On Friday (day 3 of first grade) Jocelyn told me that the day had been a perfect recess day. Why is that, I asked. Because she had found all of her friends on the playground. Booksin is a large school with 6 first grade classes. Jocelyn did not end up with any of her close […]

First Day of First Grade

Jocelyn started First Grade today at Booksin School, joining Miss Swanson and 19 new friends in Room 4. Actually, a few of our Room 9 Kindergarten friends are in this class, but not too many. She’s keeping a good attitude, though … convinced that seeing her friends at recess will satisfy her.

Karen and […]

Skyrocketing Reading Level

Jocelyn is reading like crazy! It’s amazing, actually!

She spent a good portion of the summer reading long chapter books and getting excited about Pony Pals and The American Girls (mostly reading about Kaya to start). She’s currently reading The Secret Garden (yes, the original book by Frances Hodgson Burnett … and yes, she’s reading […]


It is tough to describe this one without actual audio, but I’ll give it a go. For a couple of weeks now, Felicia has been saying “Wo..wo..wo..wo..wo..wo!!” and then intentially falling down. Now she is doing the same thing before knocking her cup off the table.

Crossbow Picnic 2005

Saturday we made the trek through the Santa Cruz mountains to Roaring Camp Railroad for the annual Crossbow Family Summer Picnic. After some bounce house jumping and a BBQ lunch, we all loaded onto the narrow guage railcars and headed up the mountain. Felicia has a new word, “Choo Choo.” She has been particulary enjoying […]

A New School Year

2005 continues to march forward, as we enter another new phase of our life … We have a First Grader in the house! Jocelyn is excited about returning to school, and she is also reading voraciously. Her well-balanced (and hopefully not too busy) life also includes weekly soccer practices and ballet classes.

Felicia is […]

Swinging at 18 Months

Over the last 18 months, we’ve enjoyed posting comparison photos of our two girls, so everyone can see whether they resemble each other at equivalent ages. Usually, it’s been fun finding pictures that were similar to further demonstrate their similarities or differences.

Well, after at least 20 minutes of searching this time, we couldn’t […]

Soccer Practice Has Started!

The 2005 Soccer Season began with practices this week. This year’s Willow Glen PAL Under-8 Coed team includes some returning players and some great new ones. I’m looking forward to a fun year of soccer!

We’re not sure how it will evolve, but WG PAL is hosting a “Soccer Blog” for our team (OK, it’s […]

Happy Hollow, too

We’re not sure how, but with all of the excitement this summer, we hadn’t managed to visit Happy Hollow, a petting zoo and kiddie ride park very close to our house. Our friend McKenna took care of our omission, inviting us to join her and her mother for a visit today. We had a nice […]