17 Laps on the Escalator?

Felicia and I went to Oakridge Mall this morning, part of our weekly errand circuit that includes the fancy new two-story Target there. We go early, before the rest of the stores are open. So far, the imposing metal gates across each store entrance seem to protect most of the merchandise from her destructive clutches. […]

Date Night Swap

It’s not the name of a new reality TV show, but it is what we did this weekend with Aunt Jenni & Ange. They went on a date on Saturday night, while we watched Kiana at our house. Sunday, we switched places with Felicia & Jocelyn staying with Kiana.

With the three cousins together on […]


Felicia is practicing her ‘B’ words this week, and her vocabulary is growing:

Baaal: Her word for “Ball,” as long as she’s pointing at an actual ball. If she’s pointing at something else, then it could mean “cookie,” “apple,” “clock,” or anything else vaguely round. Give her time.

By the way, she can’t say it […]

Best Player on the Field

Our soccer team has been interesting this year. As usual, the Keller-coached Sting Rays are very strong defensively, but lack any sort of scoring power. We’ve only scored two goals in three games.

In other news, Jocelyn has had a rough beginning to the season. She’s felt like a punching bag in the first two […]

67 Hours of Purple …

… and counting! Jocelyn loves purple. Her room is purple; she’s got purple pajamas, and lots of purple clothes. And on Sunday this week, we went The Children’s Place (our favorite clothes store) to but a few outfits. Again, we walked out with a fair amount of purple.

So starting Monday night, Jocelyn has been […]

Earthquakes “Dream Team”

What a big soccer day! The Willow Glen U8 Sting Rays played a great soccer game earlier in the day, and were then featured as the “Dream Team” for the San Jose Earthquakes in their game against C.D. Chivas USA. That’s our team standing on the pitch, after entering the field hand-in-hand with the […]

The Fish Got Away …

While we were at the State Fair on Sunday, Felicia got a temporary tattoo of a Chinook Salmon on her forearm. Of course, we chose a fish, because it is one of her favorite words right now. From a distance the tattoo looked like a nasty scar, but up close, it was definitely a fish. […]

The State Fair Tradition

Since the demise of the Santa Clara County Fair, our family has turned to the California State Fair for our annual taste of summertime kitsch. For several years running, we’ve joined the Borg Family for a visit to Cal Expo in Sacramento. This year, we went on the Sunday before Labor Day.

This year was […]


It’s not exactly a word, but it definitely gets the point across. Felicia knows how to ask for something, and her vocabulary is growing. Here’s an update:

(p)Eeeeeeeeeeee: Her word for ‘please’ … it’s one long sound that at least definitely means “give me that!” The “p” sound in the front is still optional.

Iwannttattt: […]