It’s not exactly a word, but it definitely gets the point across. Felicia knows how to ask for something, and her vocabulary is growing. Here’s an update:

(p)Eeeeeeeeeeee: Her word for ‘please’ … it’s one long sound that at least definitely means “give me that!” The “p” sound in the front is still optional.

Iwannttattt: “I want that,” and I’m not going to be polite about it.

Shuu-Shuu: Her word for a “train,” of course.

SSshhhhhooossh: This definitely stands for “shoes” (as in, everybody put their shoes on and let’s go outside right now). Going outside is a top priority for her, and she’ll go get her shoes if anyone else uses the words “walk,” “outside,” “front yard,” or “let’s go.”

Wwwwufffffff: That’s a dog, whether she sees it or hears it.

SSshhhhhooossh: Could also mean cheese and/or juice, depending on what she’s pointing to.

SSshhhhhooossh: OK, sometimes it also means “fish.’