The State Fair Tradition

Since the demise of the Santa Clara County Fair, our family has turned to the California State Fair for our annual taste of summertime kitsch. For several years running, we’ve joined the Borg Family for a visit to Cal Expo in Sacramento. This year, we went on the Sunday before Labor Day.

This year was Felicia’s first real experience at the Fair, and she loved it! From the petting zoo (she really liked the potbellied pigs), to the Monorail, to the carnival midway, she had a great time. The lights! The sounds! The music! The corn dogs! With a good nap under her belt, she stayed awake and happy until 10:00 pm, when we finally left.

Jocelyn had a good time, too! She got to milk both a cow and a goat, and she got to hold a baby lamb. She made a “salmon-egg bracelet” and also spent a lot of time learning about fire safety at “Camp Smokey.”