Best Player on the Field

Our soccer team has been interesting this year. As usual, the Keller-coached Sting Rays are very strong defensively, but lack any sort of scoring power. We’ve only scored two goals in three games.

In other news, Jocelyn has had a rough beginning to the season. She’s felt like a punching bag in the first two games, with the ball hitting her in the face and stomach a few times. That’s no fun. Last week, she left the field in tears during the first quarter, saying “I don’t like soccer games.” We coaxed her back in for the third quarter, but things looked grim for this week.

Today was a different story. Jocelyn got charged-up for this game (courtesy of significant parental propaganda), and wanted to start the game. She played forward in the first quarter, and was very good, fast and smart. At the end of the quarter, she came off the field and told me, “I was the best player on the field that time.” It was hard to argue with her. She wanted to play the whole game. I only let her play three quarters, and held her out in the fourth. That’s when we gave up two goals and lost the game. Oops. The truth is that Jocelyn has her own personal clean sheet going: the opposing team has yet to score with her on the field. (For hockey purists, she has a +/- of +1.)

What is a coach to do?