Date Night Swap

It’s not the name of a new reality TV show, but it is what we did this weekend with Aunt Jenni & Ange. They went on a date on Saturday night, while we watched Kiana at our house. Sunday, we switched places with Felicia & Jocelyn staying with Kiana.

With the three cousins together on Saturday, we all went out to dinner at Tandoori Oven in the Pruneyard. We can’t really say that our girls like Indian food, but the saffron rice is usually a big hit, making TO one of our top destinations for family dining harmony. Felicia tried the Sag Paneer, and didn’t entirely dismiss the possibility of cooked spinach for the future.

On Sunday, Aunt Jenni & Ange took the girls to Santa Cruz for dinner at the beach. Pretty cool, actually! Karen and I prepared for the upcoming hockey season, attending a San Jose Sharks preseason game against Anaheim. Then we went out for ice cream and nice walk through an empty Oakridge Mall (hey, it was Sunday!).

It wasn’t a top-ten date, but it was better than this past Tuesday’s “date night” which was actually back-to-school night for us. That night, the girls stayed with Aunt Jenni while Karen and I had a romantic candle-lit dinner in the Booksin school cafeteria.