Technical Update: Flickr

We’re merging all of our digital images onto Flickr. To find out how you can look at our pictures and add comments and tags to them, read more here. You can also add our pictures to your own blog, and share your images with anyone, too. Check it out.

As of October 31, we have […]

Happy Halloween

We hope your Halloween is spooky and fun! These are our jack-o-lanterns that we carved this year. Karen’s is on the left, with David’s on the right. Jocelyn carved her own pumpkin this year, and you see the results in the middle. Look closely, and you’ll see a little pumpkin that represents Felicia, too!


Booksin Spirit Award

Jocelyn was presented with this “Booksin Spirit Award” this week for demonstrating the life skill of effort, as nominated by her teacher, Miss Swanson.

Congratulations, Jocelyn! We’re proud of you!

American Girls: Jocelyn & Kaya

OK, I guess it’s official: Jocelyn is a big fan of Kaya! Kaya is a young girl from the American Girl series, and she’s a member of the Nez Perce tribe, living in 1764 (in what would later become Idaho and Oregon). Her family and friends are strong characters in the book collection, and Kaya […]

Penny Pincher

Keep track of your spare change! Because if you leave it around our house, Felicia will find it … and then she’ll deposit it into Jocelyn’s piggy bank. Jocelyn has collected a little more than $30 in her piggy bank, saving for a few special things. Felicia knows about the collection, and loves playing with […]

Virgin Mary Appears in Waffle

We’ve discussed Jocelyn’s love of waffles before, but this might be bringing things to a whole new level. Earlier today, while eating her usual toaster waffles for breakfast, Jocelyn nibbled a bite here and a bite there, and then declared, “This one looks like Mary.” Yes, that Mary. Unfortunately, we failed to alert the media […]

How’s Your Chinese?

By virtue of her good timing, Karen was featured in the October edition of TrendsHealth Magazine, a Chinese-language monthly published in China.

A reporter married to a Crossbow employee was doing a feature on material buyers, and Karen was visiting the Chinese office in July in time for the press deadline.

You can read […]

Hockey’s Back!

The San Jose Sharks are back on the ice, along with the rest of the NHL. I took Jocelyn to a game on Saturday, and together we watched the Sharks beat the Chicago Blackhawks, 4-3.

We took the bus to the game, and played on the Arena Green playground before going inside. Armed with our […]

An Actual Playdate

Felicia had her friend Celia over for a play date this morning, one of the few official play dates they each get to have without older siblings tagging along.

Celia is the younger sister of Kyra, who was in Jocelyn’s Kindergarten class, and continues to be a good friend. In this picture, Celia’s mommy […]