“S” Words

Felicia is really starting to get a handle on some of her vocabulary words that begin with “s” …

She’s almost mastered both shoes and socks, and is moving on to a few others: When someone cries, they are sad (“sssaaaa”), and she drinks soy (“ssaaaay”). Although not technically an s-word, excuse is currently pronounced […]

Turkeys for Parents

This may be the only turkey we see this weekend, as we have planned a family foursome trip to Monterey, and will probably skip most of the holiday trappings. Nonetheless, the Turkey has a story …

Our whole family was assigned homework as part of a “family turkey” project for Jocelyn’s first grade class. […]

All-Keller Visit before Thanksgiving

GrandPapa & GrandMama visited the Bay Area this week, spending lots of time with our girls. Camden & Brayden — along with their parents — stopped by for a quick visit on Tuesday, before each family headed off on its own Thanksgiving celebration.

We are certainly thankful for cousins, grandparents, and our entire family! […]

StingRays Soccer Season Ends

We finished our season true-to-form, with a great effort in our final U8 tournament. The Willow Glen PAL U8 StingRays played like a team to the end, spending the last game trying to get new players on the scoresheet.

Thanks to everyone who played for us this year! Next year, Jocelyn and David move […]

Jocelyn is ‘Siss’

It’s taken a little time, but everyone now agrees: Felicia calls her sister “Siss.” I had suspected as much early last week, and Jocelyn told me on Monday that she thinks her sister uses that syllable to identify Jocelyn in the pictures she sees. So, we proudly add one more word to her growing vocabulary:


Jocelyn, Giuliana, Kaitlyn, and Ellie

One of Jocelyn’s 7 year old birthday gifts was a trip to a horse ranch with 2 friends. So we set out early Friday morning with Jocelyn, Kaitlyn, and Giuliana. We went to Stewart Ranch where Michelle Hayes (riding teacher and horse rescue enthusiast) taught them all about what the horses eat, how to […]

Jocelyn at Seven

My, How she’s grown! […]

Christmas Carols are Back

Halloween is over, and Christmas carols have returned to our house. It started with Felicia and Karen taking the “Bongos” session at a local Music Together class. As participants, they got a music CD which features the traditional “Greensleeves” hymn.

From there, it didn’t really take much prodding. Now we have The Music Maker, a […]

I Voted Touchscreen

When you vote in Santa Clara County you get these cute little round stickers that proudly proclaim, “I Voted Touchscreen.” All four of us got stickers today (although technically, only two of us actually voted). We went to the polls today as a family, right after school let out. We’ve tried to be good […]