With Inflection: ‘Dad-eeeeeee’

A few weeks ago, Felicia finally uttered her first non-repeating, polysyllabic word: “Mommy,” followed a day or two later by “Daddy.” Since then she’s been adding words like this all the time, and has also been investing significant effort in repeating words that she hears.

This week, she’s begun experimenting with inflection … Thanks […]

Amazing Lindy

This is a funny thing to blog about, Uncle Timmy. I laughed a lot. …

The Gift of ‘Papa’ & ‘Nana’

For Christmas this year, Felicia gave Nana & Papa a special treat while opening gifts at their Saratoga house: She figured out how to pronounce their names! And then, of course, she couldn’t stop practicing: “Papa Papa Papa” over and over again … and then “Nana Nana Nana” a few times in a row, too. […]

Many thanks David

Grandpa and I have been working to improve our blog page but we weren’t getting anywhere fast. David, Jocelyn & Felicia were here for a day and while they were here, David helped figure out the ins and outs of our blog. We think it looks pretty nice. He had to have lots of patience! […]

What Child Is This?

Merry Christmas to everyone!A few years ago, Jocelyn and I went on a gift-buying spree at a local dollar discount store, buying a few things that we thought Mommy might like. The result was a hastily thrown together version of “Twelve Days of Christmas” including such common items as “10 Random Greeting Cards,” “Seven Huge […]

Christmas Eve Eve Eve

I probably lost track of the eves there, but the Daytime Trio spent Wednesday night and all day Thursday in Roseville with Grandee & Grandpa. It was your usual trip, but without the snowboarding part for Daddy. But I did spend some time helping Grandee & Grandpa update their weblog using the same WordPress stuff […]

Pray for Snow

It’s really weird. Last year, I was snowboarding on Veterans Day. It’s almost Christmas this year, and the mountains are nearly bare; it’s been raining more than it’s been snowing in Tahoe. Terrible. This year for Christmas, I’ll take a snow credit. Please.

What About the Leftover Cookies?

We hosted our annual Open House & Cookie Decorating Party over the weekend, and has lost of friends attend. it was great seeing everyone … friends, playmates, relatives! We hope you had a good time, too!

After the party, we often seem to find ourselves in the same predicament: What do we do with the […]

Thanks for the Ornaments!

A few years ago when Jocelyn was two, Uncle Timmy & Aunt Jenn gave us a lovely Christmas gift that included a “gift topper” of a red ornament, shaped like a “J” wrapped in ribbon … The casual observer might have thought it was actually a candycane-shaped cookie-cutter, but as far as Jocelyn was […]