What Child Is This?

Merry Christmas to everyone!A few years ago, Jocelyn and I went on a gift-buying spree at a local dollar discount store, buying a few things that we thought Mommy might like. The result was a hastily thrown together version of “Twelve Days of Christmas” including such common items as “10 Random Greeting Cards,” “Seven Huge Trash Bags,” and a “Sweetie Goose in a Pear Tree.” Karen loved it! That accidental success has merged into a full-fledged family tradition. … every year, we give Karen a different Christmas Carol and commemorative ornament.

Entering the fourth year of the tradition, we are giving Karen “What Child Is This?” for Christmas 2005, sung to the tune of “Greensleeves” (which Karen and Felicia have enjoyed as part of their Music Together classes this Fall). The ornament is a cardboard shirt, itself styled with green raglan sleeves, and we’ve put a picture of the three of us wearing different shirts with a variety of different green sleeves.