Dos Amigas

Jocelyn’s last few minutes each night before bed are spent in “chit-chat” mode with one parent, talking about whatever comes up. It was my turn tonight, and somehow we got to talking about her favorite TV show (“Maya & Miguel“), and Jocelyn was saying some of her newly-learned Spanish phrases.

And, I quote: “Daddy and […]

Symbiotic Sisters Eat Complementary Cake

We ate leftover birthday cake for dessert tonight.

The sisters are apparently developing complementary eating habits. You may recall that Jocelyn does not like cake, or chocolate, or ice cream, or anything very sweet. Felicia has no trouble with these things. With this particular cake, Jocelyn eats the official cake part, carefully avoiding the frosting […]

“Happy Birthday Party Day!”

These are the words her sister used to greet her in the morning, and the rest of the day was a fun-filled celebration of twoness.

Our small party with relatives (in order of appearance … Grandee, Grandpa, GrandMaMa, GrandPaPA, Aunt Jenni, Kiana, and Ange) produced lots of fun. Felicia enjoyed her new things, including […]

A Terrible Twosome?

Nope … but two very cute sisters, each captured near their second birthdays (Jocelyn on the left in 2000 and Felicia on the right in 2006). We love comparing the progress of our two girls. […]

Daddy Kisses & Cuddles

To celebrate Felicia’s second birthday, I continue the tradition I started last year, giving her books that represent something important about the past year.

I gave her two books that celebrate the awesome relationship I have with her. The third book will always remind us of her effort to do everything her sister […]

She Knows Something’s Up

I think Felicia has figured out this birthday thing, sort of. She may not know exactly why, but she definitely understands that it’s her day. From the traditional “birthday curtain” this morning, to lots of extra smiles from friends and neighbors, to a few special phone calls from relatives, she’s been enjoying it all.

She […]

Felicia Is Two!

And she’s certainly not terrible. Yet.

We’re still amazed to be celebrating the birthday of our second child! She’s really become her own person recently, with a growing vocabulary and a blossoming personality. She loves to do whatever her sister is doing, and has already learned to kick a soccer ball and do a […]

Warm & Cozy

Jocelyn & Felicia came for a visit this weekend. They arrived late Thursday night after a long drive. Before going to bed, they spent some warm and cozy time in Grandee’s chair. We love their visits! We had some great moments.

On Friday Jocelyn lost another tooth and Felicia clearly said Grandee & Grandpa […]

Felicia’s Ballet Class?

No, actually it’s Jocelyn’s Ballet Class, but don’t tell Felicia.

She regularly participates in the stretching and warm-up exercises and does an impressive job of mimicking the older girls.

There are more pictures in Flickr … just click this one and scroll through the rest. […]