St. John, USVI

Our St. John vacation is over, but of course … the great memories linger! We had a great time in the US Virgin Islands!

We were away from an Internet connection for most of the week, so we never got around to blogging about the trip as it was happenning. But, don’t worry … we […]

‘Bye, John … Soon!’

Felicia added a lot of cute vocabulary words during our trip, including a series of cute phrases and near-sentences.

The cutest might have come at the end. Whenever she says goodbye to someone, she follows up with “soon” … which means something like “See you soon!” In addition to bidding adieu to the island, […]

Driving on the Left

Yes, that’s an ass. I’m pointing to it.

Simply trying to get around on St. John is an experience itself. As if everyone driving on the left side of the road wasn’t challenge enough, the island has a wide array of animals that don’t seem to care much about my right of way.

Over […]

Snorkeling with the ‘Jellyfish’

One of the best memories of this trip is also the least photographed: Snorkeling! We are able to see an incredible array of underwater sealife during this trip, including awesome colors in coral and fish.

And, Jocelyn was able to see it, too! Jocelyn and her cousins (most of them anyway) were able […]

Lots of Sunscreen

Oops. Actually, given the amount of time we spent on the beach, we think we did a pretty good job of protecting Grandee’s grandaughters from the sun. This was as bad as it got, and Jocelyn recovered very quickly.

The fair-skinned Felicia came home with only a few pink cheeks, and a light dusting […]

The Westin – Room #2121

This is a story right out of a bad sitcom.

For two days, Jocelyn and I struggled to find the right place for her to get her hair braided in an island cornrow with beads. The most convenient place would have been a hair station at Westin, if we hadn’t had to return three times […]

The USVI “Yosemite” Guide

On Wednesday, we returned the “date night” babysitting favor for Jenni & Ange, and watched Kiana all day while her parents went for a hike on their own. We had a nice time watching pelicans and playing at Maho Bay during the morning, and then we took everyone home for naps in the afternoon.

Karen, […]

Stone Terrace Date Night

The “Date Night Swap” has become quite a tradition between the California Martins and the Martin-Kellers, whether we’re on a luxurious vacation, or just trying to find some couple time in San Jose.

On St. John, Karen and I went out to dinner on Tuesday night at The Stone Terrace, a very nice restaurant with […]

Beach … Fun

It’s hard to express the energy and cuteness of those words spoken by Felicia, but this may be the phrase that comes to define the entire trip. She’d wake-up every morning and express her priority for the day:

“Beach … Fun!”

On the second day, she woke-up at 6:00 am and repeated the phrase over […]