Brown Bear, Brown Bear

It’s way too early for complete color mastery, but Felicia is progressing through color sorting and basic color detection. She’s pretty-much mastered “orange,” but other colors still elude her. It’s so fun to watch her learn.

Her first foray into colors came with the classic Eric Carle book Brown Bear, Brown Bear. After a few […]

Technical Update: “Related” Posts

Using the magic of yet another WordPress plug-in, you can now manipulate our weblog database, and surf endlessly through lists of posts that might — or might not — be related to each other.

Click on any post’s title to view the entire post and several choices of related posts. Or you can choose […]

Rolling Along

This is a five-year-old picture of Jocelyn, playing with her new “Marble Roll,” hand made by Uncle Timmy for Christmas 2000.

We had retired the marbles two years ago while we waited for Felicia to be old enough. We had some gravitational concerns with our loft railing, and explaining the difference between marbles and […]

She Says “Rotary”

OK, actually she said something more like “roaddy� but it still counts! Read more on RotaryDad.

It’s not a picture! It’s a portrait!

Jocelyn & Felicia were coloring today. After working with Felicia on her colors, Jocelyn decided to draw a picture. I complimented her on her wonderful picture. She explained to me that it was a portrait and not a picture. It was a portrait of Felicia (you can see it on the table) and it […]

It’s OK. You will know when you are three.

Jocelyn and Felicia were coloring during their visit today. Jocelyn was testing Felicia’s color skills. She would ask Felicia to pick a marker out of the bucket. Felicia did very well with the ‘basic” colors. Then Jocelyn asked for purple. As you can see, it wasn’t purple, but it was close.

“That’s OK, […]

Gods of Snowboarding Smiling on Us

This weekend, Felicia attended “church” at Sierra-at-Tahoe, and the snowboarding gods answered our prayers.

All week, Jocelyn has been planning to take a ski lesson on this weekend’s family snow trip. Yes … skiing. Bouyed by the recent successes of several friends riding on two-planks, Jocelyn has been eager to try skiiing. Since we can’t […]

Two … Four … Two … Four … One!

Felicia is counting! Sort of.

She has recognized that there can be more than one of some things and she can be coaxed into counting them, if you ask nicely. Unfortunately, no matter how many you actually have, you can only have two or four. It’s quite cute the way she counts each item in […]

Technical Update: New RSS Feed

OK, I broke my website. 🙁

Actually, the website isn’t broken, but the RSS Feed has changed. If you enjoy reading the exploits of the Martin-Keller Family from the comfort of your own feed aggregator (like Yahoo! or MSN or whatever), the address for our feed has changed, and you probably haven’t been getting updates […]