Pump It Up with Annie

We helped celebrate Annie Moultray’s birthday today, joining her family and friends for a “Pump It Up” Party in Sunnyvale.

Annie and her mom are two of Felicia’s favorite friends, too, so the whole Martin-Keller Family was invited to the party. Here’s are some pictures of the birthday girl jumping for joy with […]

Booksin Open House

The entire family attended the Booksin Elementary Spring Open House last night, enjoying our tour of Jocelyn’s classroom and future options for second grade. Of course, we see the classroom daily, and Karen volunteers every Tuesday, but it was still fun to be at the big event.

This is a picture of Jocelyn next […]

Happy Birttay, Tanna

Or, Happy Birthday, Kiana! Kiana Martin turned four today, and we’ve been celebrating all weekend, with the official birthday party on Saturday and the family-only affair earlier today. This is a picture of the birthday girl, surrounded by friends, eyeing the “teddy bear” birthday cake that her mom made.

Our family runs an incredible […]

How does it all work?

Jocelyn’s bedtime questions from tonight:

“How do computers have so much stuff in them?”

“How was Google invented?”

“Why does everyone in the world have a unique fingerprint? ”

Springtime At Last

OK, the rain has finally ended, and so has the hockey season. So, it’s time to celebrate Spring before Summer roars in to Willow Glen. We’re all keeping busy, of course, biding our time …

Felicia continues to grow and climb, displaying a physical strength we haven’t had in our family before. She turned […]

It’s Raining

Actually, it’s not raining. Unless you’re imagining along with Felicia.

Lots of her imaginative play recently has included taking cover from the rain. We hide under trees during neighborhood walks, duck under playground equipment at parks, and often take the long way back to car from Jocelyn’s classroom — under the covered walkway, of course. […]

6 … 7 … 9 … 10 … Done. Run!

Felicia’s been “running” for a long time, but she’s been covering more-and-more ground with less-and-less effort recently. She’s also been wasting less energy bouncing up-and-down while running. It’s fun to watch — And now, it’s fun to listen:

On our daily walks or during any time spent at a playground, Felicia now insists that we […]

Mother’s Day Garden

I got the idea this morning that it would be fun to plant my mother’s vegetable garden today. We swung by the nursery on our way up to Saratoga and picked up 3 tomat plants and 6 strawberries. While Felicia napped and David and Jocelyn played Monopoly indoors (they decided it was too hot at […]

Mother’s Day Breakfast

I had a lovely breakfast for Mother’s Day this morning. One of the coolest things about it was that Jocelyn made the waffles entirely by herself. We had practiced the day before at her request. We had to talk through doing the recipe at 1 1/2 times what is on the box. She hasn’t […]