Happy Birttay, Tanna

P5200105_cr P5210002_crOr, Happy Birthday, Kiana! Kiana Martin turned four today, and we’ve been celebrating all weekend, with the official birthday party on Saturday and the family-only affair earlier today. This is a picture of the birthday girl, surrounded by friends, eyeing the “teddy bear” birthday cake that her mom made.

Our family runs an incredible birthday gauntlet between April 18 and May 21, including Karen, Grandee, Aunt Jenni, Uncle Geoff, and probably a few others. (Throw in Mother’s Day, and it’s all a bit too crazy!) Anyway … Felicia has had lots of practice, and now comes pretty close to saying the whole phrase correctly.

Updated 5/24: The second picture is a great shot of the tye-dyed scarves and skirts that Karen (with Jocelyn’s help) made for all three California Cousins.