Squirrel Spends the Night at Camp

Jocelyn is growing up. She’s been attending Walden West day camp all week with good friend Giuliana and her borther Paulo. The camp is definitely a retro-style outdoor summer camp, including the tradition of “nature names” …. Jocelyn is calling herself “Squirrel” this week.

Last night was the weekly sleepover-campout, with the campers sleeping under […]

Beat the Heat: Water and the Bus

It’s been hot this week! Yesterday, we had Kiana over for some backyard waterplay, and today — at the encouragement of the regional air quality district and one of our favorite neighborhood weblogs — we took the bus on a special field trip to the park at San Jose Arena, which includes a merry-go-round. […]

Eclipse Aviation

Yesterday’s San Jose Mercury News ran a story on the front page of its business section that tangentially includes Karen’s company, Crossbow Technology, Inc. The story was mostly about how the manufacturers of light aircraft jets are changing aviation. One of the primary sources for the story was Eclipse Aviation, for which Crossbow is a […]

‘Mary Poppins’ Means Mary Poppins!

Let’s get this out of the way first: Mary Poppins is the absolute best movie ever made, in my opinion. It is my all-time favorite. You can analyze it anyway you’d like, but I think the movie was way ahead of its time for promoting a dad’s role in any family. anyway ….

The soundtrack […]

Nudie + Naked = Nukie

We’ve reached the naked stage, that well-known era when toddlers get a real kick out of running around the house completely naked. Every parent has been there, right?

When the toddler Jocelyn ran around the house au natural, we called her “a nudie” and had a lot of fun with that nickname. It stuck around […]

Dear Daddy,

I love you. I miss you at school sometimes. If we could only watch hoockey and/or soccer every day. You are the best daddy in the whole wide world.

Love, your daughter, Jocelyn

Sisters Sharing Ice Cream

And so the summer begins … with an ice cream social! Jocelyn’s first grade class celebrated the end of the year with a big party, featuring Happy Meals and Ice Cream … none of which Jocelyn would eat.

Solution? Make the ice cream sundae and give it to her sister, who was conveniently attending […]

Kicking Off a Shoe

Jocelyn’s analysis of the goal while we watched Germany defeat Poland, 1-0, with a thrilling goal in stoppage time: “Wow I’m surprised he didn’t kick-off a shoe!”

And, then … “That’s the kind of game you want to watch. Scoreless until the end, and then someone wins.”

A Father and his Sportsfan Daughter

This morning, we’re up early to watch the first morning game of the World Cup, Australia v Japan. The USA has its debut later today against the Czech Republic, but the game starts at 9:00 am Pacific Time. Unfortunately, Jocelyn will be in school, and can’t watch the game live.

We’ve talked about watching the […]