Tahoe-Truckee Fact Finding Mission

We spent the last few days celebrating a long weekend in North Lake Tahoe, taking this opportunity to acquaint ourselves with summertime on the lake. We’ve been dreaming of buying a vacation cabin in the Truckee area, but hadn’t acted on the dream thus far. We’re there all the time during winter, we needed […]

Face Painting the Martin-Keller Way

Last weekend, David’s Rotary Club officially celebrated the end of his year as Club President, with a family BBQ party at a local community center.

Felicia took this opportunity to try-on a little face paint. Then she added some more. … which gave us this chance to compare the individual face painting styles of […]

Blueberry eyes

Felicia was looking at herself in a small mirror this evening when I arrived home. After a bit of study, she announced, “My eyes are white.” So, I asked what other colors she could see in her eyes. Her answer, “Blueberries.”

Is This What Potato Tastes Like?

Jocelyn’s self-defined culinary requirements are fairly stringent these days, but we cope. Among the more famous foods that she doesn’t eat are chocolate, mild cheddar cheese, milk, blueberries, and potatoes.

The potato exclusion also rules out fast food french fries. To avoid the sauna created in our house by ten straight days of 90°+ […]

Only 77° in Santa Cruz

We went to Santa Cruz today. Actually, we had to. It’s been way to hot in San Jose! The beach offered a mild 77°, compared to 100+ in Willow Glen.

Kiana, Aunt Jenni, and Ange joined us — along with Nana & Papa! We had a great time at Twin Lakes Beach (aka Harbor […]

Parents Night Out with Pearl Jam

Making up for a cancelled concert we never really saw back in 1995, Karen and I finally made it to Pearl Jam show on Sunday, seeing them live at the Bill Graham Civic in San Francisco. It was a great show! Before the show, we had dinner at Paul K, featuring “edgy Mediterranean Cuisine.” It […]

Battery Power to the Rescue

So, we had a pretty lengthy power failure last night, going more than 10 hours without electricity (from 5:00 pm to 3:00 am). It was actually an isolated neighborhood failure, including only about 10 houses on our street, the result of high heat and bad luck. Dinner had already been prepared, so we ate at […]

Great America with Braden

No, not a typo …. but a whole different Braden (spelled without the “y” no less)

The girls and I spent most of the day today at Great America with our friends Michele and Braden Carter. Even Karen joined us on her lunch hour, long enough to enjoy a spin on the new “Survivor: […]

Photo Credits from Milwaukee

Our Fourth of July trip to Milwaukee was a lot of fun. Here are a few more pictures from the trip, courtesy of Uncle Timmy of the Nashville Martins … hey … Wait a minute! I took those pictures!

Aspen takes flight Positive Peer Pressure Coordinated flight

So what if I was using his […]