Great America with Braden

P7170017 P7170018 No, not a typo …. but a whole different Braden (spelled without the “y” no less)

The girls and I spent most of the day today at Great America with our friends Michele and Braden Carter. Even Karen joined us on her lunch hour, long enough to enjoy a spin on the new “Survivor: The Ride” attraction.

Michele watched Felicia most of the day, even passing on a lot of the rides … which allowed David, Braden, and Jocelyn to ride a few more rollercoasters than we could have normally. It was really hot, so we spent the last two hours at the water park, where Felicia enjoyed the wading lagoon and the lazy river, too. Jocelyn went on her first major waterslide, too!

Feel free to enjoy the pictures here or on Flickr.