Battery Power to the Rescue

So, we had a pretty lengthy power failure last night, going more than 10 hours without electricity (from 5:00 pm to 3:00 am). It was actually an isolated neighborhood failure, including only about 10 houses on our street, the result of high heat and bad luck. Dinner had already been prepared, so we ate at home, but then went for a walk to the Willow Glen Frozen Yogurt Company.

We returned home to a dark house, so we spent a little time locating flashlights and lighting candles. While Karen and I were scurrying around the house, Felicia did her part, too! She walked over to her play kitchen and turned on the battery-operated dome light for her stove. How clever! Neither of us can remember her turning it on very much recently, so it was fun to see her mind at work processing the situation and helping out!