Is This What Potato Tastes Like?

Jocelyn’s self-defined culinary requirements are fairly stringent these days, but we cope. Among the more famous foods that she doesn’t eat are chocolate, mild cheddar cheese, milk, blueberries, and potatoes.

The potato exclusion also rules out fast food french fries. To avoid the sauna created in our house by ten straight days of 90°+ heat, the girls and I ate dinner at Carl’s Jr. tonight. The girls had their usual … chicken stars.

Once the stars were eaten, Jocelyn had to choose between some fresh fruit we brought (strawberries, blueberries) or french fries. She ate some strawberries; then she tried a french fry … and then another. After number three …

Jocelyn: “Is this what potato tastes like?”
Daddy: “Yes. Do you like it?”
Jocelyn: “I don’t like them; I just want something to do.”

I am pretty sure she ate at least five more before eating some more strawberries.