How to Tell Time in German

It’s all over, and it was a great month! A quick list of “Life Lessons” learned while watching the FIFA World Cup 2006, hosted in Germany:

Math & Time: Germany is 9 hours ahead of Pacific Daylight Time, and at least once each day for the past month, Jocelyn has announced the current time … […]

Not at a German Hub

David was off to the Bavarian Inn in Milwaukee today to watch the World Cup semi-finals match between Germany and Italy. Jocelyn has been cheering for Italy (her very good friend Giuliana leaves for her annual summer trip to Italy tomorrow). I asked Jocelyn if she wanted to go meet up with Daddy at a […]

Independence Day in Milwaukee

We are celebrating in Milwaukee, including riding in a parade this morning in nearby Fox Point. The Nashville Martins are here, too! Jocelyn, Felicia, Oakley, and Aspen joined PaPa in his 1947 Willy’s firetruck for the small-town parade down main street.

We’ve got swimming and a summer barbeque later today, and Daddy will also […]

Fun with Fetch!

Jocelyn reviews her favorite TV show:

So that was season one of Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman. So there are all these challenges, and there is a Half-Time Quiz Show. In the challenges, the kids find things out and learn about things and have fun on the challenges. In the Half-Time Quiz Show, they ask […]

Me Walk Waukee

No one’s walking to Milwaukee. Actually, at the moment, we’re not even flying to Milwaukee … America West cancelled their flight out of SJC today, so we’re stuck at home for another day. But, it’s a cute story anyway …

Felicia is ready to visit Milwaukee for the Fourth of July! She’s been talking about […]