‘Red Juice My Favorite Color’

Lest anyone be confused, we routinely mix juice flavors and primary colors here at our household. It all starts with Orange Juice, and then cranberry gets called “red juice.” You might say we don’t really drink cranberry juice, since we water it down so much — for ourselves and the kids, but that’s another post […]

Ice Cream Specials

A few weeks ago, Jocelyn created and organized her own “Ice Cream Specials” ice cream stand in our neighborhood. She planned the menu, helped purchase supplies, spread the word via direct marketing, and then served up scoops for her friends and their families.

She also decided to give the proceeds to our local Second […]

State Fair 2006: Animals in Charge

We took our annual pilgrimmage to the California State Fair yesterday, enjoying a sunny — but not too hot — day with the Borg Family in Sacramento. The animals are always the highlight, and this year they provided the best pictures, too.

We arrived early in the morning this time, and the animals […]

Ready for Second Grade

It starts Wednesday, and Jocelyn is ready. She’s been placed with her teacher of choice, Mr. Martinez, and starting the second grade just seems like old hat around here. Except there are a few glimmers of excitement … she’s had her clothes identifed for at least a week, and they’ve been sitting on her […]

Soccer Season Has Begun

So, I also publish this community weblog called Willow Glen Extra. And I also help run the local Willow Glen PAL Soccer League. And I have a strong, athletic daughter who participated in soccer camp last week. So, I also put a picture on our local weblog.

Carousel of Life: Girls at 2.5

Proving that cute pictures on Merry-Go-Rounds will never go out of style, we present this season’s comparison photos: Jocelyn & Felicia, each at two-and-a-half-years-old.

For the record, Jocelyn’s on the left, in June 2001 at the Carousel on San Jose’s Arena Green (technically riding a bunny) … and we caught Felicia riding her horse last […]

Fun With Fetch (Again) … Coming Up

I guess it’s three months away now, almost. I’m going to have my birthday party, and I’m going to have it be a “Fetch” Birthday Party! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just click on the blue Fetch. Daddy is going to be Ruff Ruffman. I’ll have lots of friends over. It will […]

‘My Shoes Dirty’

OK. We’ve talked about Felicia’s shoes before, so it’s possible we have a bit of “shoe thing” here in our family. Here’s another story anyway:

We went back-to-school shoe shopping yesterday for the girls, but we were only 50% successful. We found shoes for Jocelyn, but couldn’t find the right size in the color […]

‘What I eat?’

We try to avoid potty humor here in the family blog, but sometimes it’s just too cute. Everyone knows that diapers and bowel movements are an important part of young childhood, and they are also a frequent topic of conversation between parents.

Felicia has begun to add her own words to the discussion as well: […]