Couch Arm Covers as Dress-Up

What are those things called? Those extra swatches of material that come with your fancy couch. They are meant to protect the arms of your fine upholstry, so I’m going to call them “couch arm covers.” Anyway …

Our house is never as neat as it could be. For a really long time, I’d battle […]

Martin Cousins in Atlanta

Martin counsins and second-cousins descended upon Atlanta this past weekend for Amanda Martin’s wedding to Travis Metcalf. It was a small family affair, and we took the opportunity to spend the full weekend in Atlanta all of Karen’s cousins and their families.

In addition to the wedding, we also saw the Georgia Aquarium, Centennial […]


Last night at dinner, we were discussing the new Nutrition Guidelines for San Jose Unified School District. They are phenomenally strict and a bit absurd in my mind (food may be brought into the classroom no more than once per month, and only store bought food is allowed). I made a disparaging comment about the […]

Hockey Season is Coming!

We attended the annual season-ticket-holder party for the San Jose Sharks last night, touring San Jose Arena and watching some hockey festivities. We also secured some autographs.

This is Sharks goalie Vesa Toskala signing the back of Felicia’s jersey. She subsequently sat down with Rob Davison, Mark Smith, Scott Parker, and Steve Bernier. The same […]

Felicia’s Big Girl Bed

We’ve all been converted. Felicia is now sleeping in a real bed. No more cribs for us! A few weeks ago she perfected the head-over-heels, climbing-flip method of getting into her crib. We didn’t want to wait until she developed the dismount, so we switched.

We actually converted last weekend, but naps continue to […]

Try The Other Phone

Felicia wanted to call Nana & Papa on the phone today. Ever since we told her we were going to Atlanta next weekend for a wedding — at which we will see Nana & Papa, and the Nashville Martins — she’s been demanding that we see them all right now. Thus, today’s phone call.

Jocelyn […]

First Day of Preschool

Felicia started preschool yesterday! She has been very excited about it for more than a few weeks, and Tuesday, September 12, was the big day! These pictures show Felicia smiling in the play structure near the beginning of the day … and the wear-and-tear that her school t-shirt endured. Along the way, she did some […]

Yes, That’s a Motorcross Bike

Nervous mothers and grandparents can thank the Dew Action Sports Tour, which dropped into San Jose this weekend for this series of pictures. Jocelyn and I took another friend to the tour on Friday afternoon, and it was awesome!

Among many other fantastic experiences, Jocelyn got to ride on a youth motorcycle around a […]

2-Day Preschool Starts September 12

This weekend presented a milestone of sorts. On Saturday, we went to a BBQ at Felicia’s Preschool. It’s the first time we’ve attended an event exclusively for Felicia. After years of dragging her to Jocelyn’s soccer games, ballet classes, summer camps, and playdates, Felicia got to take us to one of her own.

This is […]