Kellers and Big Backyards

This year’s Thanksgiving Celebration was in Oregon (mostly), and we are certainly thankful for the Keller portion of our family tree! Although Felicia couldn’t be persuaded to join this picture, we all had a great time, and our girls especially enjoyed playing with their cousins and hanging with GrandMaMa & GrandPaPa. And Hunter, too!


Turkeys Flaunting Freedom

We had a great time in Roseburg for Thanksgiving 2006, visiting GrandPaPa & GrandMaMa along with the Vancouver Kellers.

There were fun times, great food, hikes through the backyard, a Coke/Mentos experiment, two showings of Disney’s movie “Cars,” and of course … Turkeys … lots of turkeys. In addition to the smoked turkey we […]

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Grandpa and I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. We hope you enjoy your time spent with family and friends!

We Love You!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re off to the Pacific Northwest for Thanksgiving … but not before a little preschool celebration in Felicia’s class. She made her own headband, and then she made one for me, too!

Karen snapped the picture on her phone, because somehow we’d forgotten our camera.

Eight-Year-Old Report Card

What with Jocelyn turning eight this month, November is suddenly a big month for milestones and measurements.

At her doctor’s appointment, we learned that her 50-1/2 pounds and 48-3/4 inches are both in about the 25th percentile for her healthy cohorts. And, she’s very healthy, too.

On the academic side, we learned frmo her […]

… And Jocelyn Catch Me

As part of Felicia’s bedtime routine every night (and at nap time, too), one of us sings the traditional “Rock-a-Bye Baby” nursery rhyme, which she calls “Baby Song.” Of course, there’s a twist.

When she asks for the song, she also specifies who exactly will be rocking in the treetops, and who will catch the […]

I Want These for Halloween

Lots of cuteness in this quote …

We were shopping for shoes earlier today, because Jocelyn needed a black pair for the winter dress-up season. Felicia looked through the rack, too, and found a cute pair of sneakers that were green with pink trim. She picked them up, and said “I want these for Halloween” […]

Tooth Fairy Stealing Money?

This post has been officially backdated to protect the innocent … Perhaps the truth can be told someday …

—–Original Message—– From: Karen Martin-Keller Sent: Sunday, November 12, 2006 9:56 PM To: David Keller

Subject: I don’t know what to do with this potential blog entry

So, I can’t put this one in the blog […]

All Fish Are ‘Nemo’

It’s fascinating how the mind of a child works … in conjunction with popular culture.

As far as I can tell, Felicia has watched parts of Disney’s “Finding Nemo” once, maybe twice. I am fairly certain that she has never watched the whole thing in its entirety. Nonetheless, all fish — real … pretend … […]