Still a Little Bit Sick

Our family has had a tough run of illnesses this season, and things continued right through Christmas. Our trip to Atlanta ended with Jocelyn throwing up six times on the flight home, and then we brought home some head lice from our Thanksgiving adventures. Then, Jocelyn was sick a few weeks into December, followed by […]

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Please.

The Martin-Keller Family holiday tradition of giving Mommy a Christmas Carol continues this year, with a more modern spin on the Holidays: “Let It Snow.” Perhaps you’ve debated whether or not it’s really a Christmas Carol, but the argument is now over. It is.

Written in 1945, “Let It Snow” has been covered by […]

The Stockings Were Hung …

… by the downstairs Grandaughters Arts & Crafts Christmas Tree, which Nana & Papa have for displaying their creative works of art.

That’s Jocelyn after completing and hanging hand-sewn and decorated stockings for herself and each of her Martin cousins. She did 98% of the project herself, with only a little help on the […]

Carols Felicia Can Sing

We are still not sure that Felicia has any idea what’s about to happen on Monday. She knows this Christmas thing is a big deal, but she can’t even fathom the depth of the chaos about to unfold … especially here in Milwaukee.

But she has definitely become attached to the festivities. A few times […]

You Make Sounds Like My Mommy

David, Jocelyn & Felicia are here for a visit. Felicia wasn’t feeling well and had a rough night. At one point she was leaning her head against my chest while we rocked in my chair. She lifted her head up and said “You make sounds like my mommy.” We talked about it for a few […]

Christmas Community Service

Jocelyn’s second-grade class has been working all year to collect cans and bottles as a fuindraiser. With the proceeds, they have donated turkeys and hams to local community kitchens.

On Friday, her class delivered their latest care package to Loaves & Fishes. They also decorated the agency’s Christmas Tree, which will brighten-up the dining […]

Flatter Than ‘Flat Aspen’

Long story made short: Jocelyn I took our flat cousin Flat Aspen to a hockey game last night. Unfortunately, the San Jose Sharks came out flat, played a terrible game, and lost 4-2 to the LA Kings.

Flat Aspen is a smooshed version of our cousin (of the Nashville Martins) who, like her Flat Stanley […]

Traditional Raking of the Ginko

The 2006 traditional Raking of the Ginko leaves has been a big part of our activities this week, and this time we included our Booksin second grade carpool buddy Kai (and his brothers) in the fun!

Kai had actually been at our house last week, when the leaves had begun to fall, but weren’t […]

We Do It Later, OK?

It’s possible that some of these stories are more entertaining in juxtaposition to standard gender stereotypes, especially related to childrearing. I certainly wouldn’t want to suggest anything …

Felicia has been talking a lot recently … narrating, singing, testing, arguing, everything … If I choose not to do (or allow) something she wants to do, […]