Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Please.

PC230056_cr The Martin-Keller Family holiday tradition of giving Mommy a Christmas Carol continues this year, with a more modern spin on the Holidays: “Let It Snow.” Perhaps you’ve debated whether or not it’s really a Christmas Carol, but the argument is now over. It is.

Written in 1945, “Let It Snow” has been covered by more than 25 different contemporary artists. Now add Jocelyn’s second grade class to the list. She performed the song as part of the seasonal celebration musical put on by the entire Booksin second grade back in November.

As a sub-plot, we are spending this Christmas in Milwaukee, where one can usually expect snow this time of year. While waiting to take a picture of the girls playing in snow seemed like a good idea at the time, Mother Nature had other plans.

We are still waiting for it to snow, but we are having a great Christmas anyway. We love you, Mommy!