Flickr: 19,989 … 20,000 … 20,150 …

Today, we uploaded our 20,000th image to our Flickr Pro account. Actually after uploading pictures from Felicia’s Birthday and today’s Rotary Bowling Party, we currently stand at 20,150 … and counting.

We started taking digital pictures almost nine years ago, when Jocelyn was in gestation, and Grandee convinced us to take some pictures of […]

Playground Party With Cupcakes

Felicia’s birthday festivities on her actual birthday centered around a special playdate at Lincoln Glen Park, featuring lots of friends from our SJPPNS preschool class, along with some other special guests. … oh, and cupcakes, too!

We brought cupcakes in both chocolate and white cake, and both were covered in orange frosting, personally chosen […]

Felicia’s Scarry Birthday

It’s Felicia’s third birthday, so it’s time to continue my annual tradition of the special “Birthday Book from Daddy” … I’m sort of continuing the theme from Christmas, where I gave the women in my family matching shirts with their letters …. “F is for Felicia” etc …

Some of Felicia’s favorite books to […]

Happy Birthday, Dear Ryan …

Sometimes, it’s the parents who say the silly things …

Felicia celebrates her third birthday on Wednesday this week, and the festivities began on Tuesday with a round of “Happy Birthday to You” at her preschool.

One of Felicia’s classmates really wanted to join her for the traditional blowing-out of the birthday candle (pictured […]

Tahoe With The Calia Family

We just got back from a great weekend adventure at Lake Tahoe! We joined Jocelyn’s good friend Giuliana and her family for a long weekend in Truckee. We went to Northstar on Friday, and then spent the day at Sugarbowl on Saturday.

Felicia joined us halfway through the weekend, and got to play […]

Super-ca … Super-ca …

… Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

The soundtrack for Mary Poppins continues to be in heavy rotation in our car … Felicia still enjoys the song that includes her own name, and recently she’s discovered another familiar name in the soundtrack …

From Wikipedia: “A Man Has Dreams” is the leit motif of the protagonist, “George Banks” as lyrics […]

Cookies for Crossbow

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season!

Jocelyn spent a big chunk of time this weekend selling Girl Scout Cookies to our friends and neighbors, including a sales call at Crossbow on Monday.

She’s already reached her official goal of 130 boxes (she sold 108 last year) … and she’s set a new, personal goal of […]

The Path to Potty-Training

Felicia is well on the way to becoming potty-trained. Officially.

She’s made tremendous progress this week, as demonstrated by the trail of snowman stickers on her small potty. When the trail ran into the floor, we had to start another one. Since we’re also running low on snowman stickers, we’ll probably switch to penguins […]

Who’s Your Daddy?

Indeed. There’s no question that having a stay-at-home-father has an influence on our girls. For one thing, Felicia — who is constantly categorizing and naming the world around her — knows with absolute certainty that everyone has a daddy.

It started a few months ago. During our Teacher Sharon infatuation, in addition to seeing look-a-likes […]