3 Days and 58 Inches

What a difference three days can make! … Actually, at least 16 inches of snow fell on us while we were in South Lake Tahoe on Thursday — just three days after we had been riding at Sierra-at-Tahoe on a clear sunny Monday. (They got 42″ more overnight after we left!)

Jocelyn and I […]

Handing Out the Cookies

Karen took this picture, and it’s just too cute to pass up. Earlier this week, we packed the Volvo with Girl Scout Cookies that Jocelyn has sold to friends, neighbors, and relatives. Now we need to sort and deliver the 180+ boxes of cookies without eating all of them ourselves.


Keller Girls at Three: Cake & Horses

It’s so much fun to compare … Here are our two fabulous daughters smiling for the camera as happy three-year-olds. In December 2001, Jocelyn and Karen were all bundled up for the holiday carousel in downtown San Jose. Just last weekend, we spent a warm sunny day at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, no […]

He’s Not a Mommy

Felicia and I were at our local coffee shop on Thursday, enjoying our morning beverages, when the Chief of Police from neighboring Los Gatos stoped by for his coffee, in full uniform. I actually know Scott from my years at the YMCA, and it was fun to see him again. Felicia enjoyed meeting a policeman […]

Two Ballerinas

It was only a matter of time — she’s been taking ballet informally for several months — and Felicia has finally started her own ballet class.

She’s at Miss Mary’s Center Stage Dance every Friday morning! She’s one of four young ladies in the class, and most of them are little sisters of […]

Beach & Boardwalk in February

We took advantage of a glorious weather weekend to enjoy an afternoon at the Santa Cruz Beach & Boardwalk this Sunday. Since everyone else was watching the Super Bowl, the crowds were very small.

Felicia & Jocelyn enjoyed digging in the sand, jumping over the waves, and riding on a merry-go-round or two.


Bear is Back

Our family fascination with the music and puppetry of “Bear in the Big Blue House” has returned … several years after Jocelyn left preschool TV behind, she introduced Felicia to our DVD and musical collection. The original CD is in heavy rotation (I mean HEAVY) in our life … in the car, in the home […]