Surreal Schedule on Friday

Today has officially been certified as the “Craziest Day Ever” by the Martin-Keller Family. As you live it vicariously through this published timeline, keep in mind that everyone is happy, healthy, and in good spirits. Now.

In one day, we managed to take care of all necessary school-related carpools, shop at Target, take Mommy to […]

Blimp Hunters of San Jose

We had a fun adventure today, after we picked up Jocelyn from school. …

The Goodyear Blimp was circling downtown San Jose, in advance of the NCAA Mens Basketball West Regional this weekend. We could see it from our car on the way home, so we decided to investigate. We followed a meandering path, […]


We visited the library yesterday, primarily to do research for Jocelyn’s “pet horse” second grade research project. On our way, Felicia told us all about Librariers:

Felicia: “When we see the Librariers, I am going to tell them we lost the Clifford book.” Jocelyn: “What is a Librarier?” Felicia: “They live at the library.” Jocelyn: […]

Sunny St. Patrick’s Day

Thanks to a teacher training day on Friday, our family is enjoying a three-day weekend in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Well, not really, but we are off for three days. We had at least two different plans for the weekend — both of which fizzled — so we went to the beach at Natural […]

First Career Hat Trick

That right there is a hastily-snapped digital picture of Jocelyn’s first soccer goal ever. At any level. She’s wearing the pinkish jersey, sneaking past a surprised goalkeeper and depositing the ball in the back of the net. She followed that up with two more, and notched a natural hat trick to lead her team in […]

Nana Visits Center Stage

Nana & Papa have been in town this week, blending smoothly into a normal week’s worth of family and extracurricular activities.

After Nana watched Jocelyn’s piano practice on Wednesday, Felicia openly dreamed of the day when “I get older and Papa will come to my piano practice.” So, she was really excited when […]

Assigned Seats for Firefighters

Two interactions with our local firefighters provided a lot of excitement for Felicia this week …

As we were leaving the grocery store on Wednesday, we walked past the big fire truck from Station 6. We had the good luck to see firefighter Colleen, who showed Felicia the giant crew cab for the pumper. As […]